One of my favorite stationary websites, (how cute is this name?) linked Build a Nest as one of their selling locations. Wow–Build a Nest came in to my life and I fell in LOVE. Seriously, Rebecca Kousky (owner), is so creative and so gracious. Build a Nest is a non profit organization that supports women in developing countries. This online boutique sells different items exclusively that are created by different designers across the US. The proceeds are then formed in to micro loans and sent to women in developing countries to help them start their own art-based businesses to support their families. I immediately contacted Rebecca, and will be officially promoting the organization around my university this year. SO pumped! Get ready for trunk shows, tabling, and guest speaker action. YES!


My sister is INCREDIBLY talented. She used to have her own shop online–which introduced me to the lovely homemade world of Etsy aka “DIY ebay.” I got a little Etsy-Crazy. I’m a perfectionist and avid list maker. Planners are not just calendars.  Agenda books are not just something you write what class you have that day on a piece of paper–I develop a relationship with these things. I mean, literally never leave the apartment without it kind of thing. When I found this planner I simply could NOT resist. $14.00 later, a beautiful homemade planner & personalized “thank you buying” note sits on my desk. Introducing: my lovely Tropica Day Planner:

Seriously, how amazing? Check out her site at

Hello! I am SUPER excited about becoming a member of the blogging world. I guess I should formally introduce myself.

I’m Erinn. Yes, TWO n’s. I am a college student, an event planner in training and a wedding blog enthusiast (no I am not getting married–but someday to my boy). I have a passion for social issues and if I had enough guts I swear I’d join the Peace Corp. I love nonprofit work and community service.  I’m an avid traveler. Most importantly though, I am easily inspired by the little things in life. I love DIY projects and homemade gifts. I love swooning over stationary and art. Most of all, I LOVE making a difference. Anything from a note, cookies, to a simple smile. It all counts–making others happy.

Anyways, that is me in a nutshell. I want to share the things I find inspirational and hopefully you can enjoy the little things in life. ENJOY 🙂